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Live the life you want to Live!

Our therapists will see you in the comfort of you home or in the community setting of your choice to help you maintain and increase your independence.

Our occupational therapy team will work with you to assist you to reach the highest level of independence in your daily occupations.  Your daily occupations are everything you do in the day from the moment you get up.

Our physical therapy team will work with you to improve your strength, mobility, and balance to be at your optimal level of performance.

Our speech therapy team will work with you to address any concerns you have in regards to speech, language, cognitive or swallowing difficulties.

Medicare Part B Participating Provider

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Do not need to leave the comfort of your home, we come to you.


No “home bound” requirements for Medicare Part B or cash-based services.


Personalized care provided by experienced therapists.


  • Medicare Part B for covered therapy services.
  • Cash Based options for services not covered by Medicare Part B.
  • Cash Based options for wellness programs. 



PWR!Moves® Certified Therapists are PD-specialized physical or occupational therapists who integrate PWR!Moves® into research-based exercise approaches and task-specific training routines such as dance, boxing, pole walking and gait, agility, and flexibility.  They develop prescribe comprehensive programming to address multiple symptoms and personalized goals, and progress the difficulty ad complexity of training to adapt for varying disease severity or fitness levels.

 PWR!Moves® Group Class: This Parkinson-specific exercise class will teach you how to move bigger and faster in everyday life and counteract PD symptoms!  As you learn these PD=specific skills, you will be challenged physically and cognitively to do more than you think you can in a fun, supportive environment.

Program designed by Dr Lam to aid recovery from ill health including stroke, heart disease, injury, surgical procedures or tiredness & stress.

FEES: Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallow


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